By now most of you know only too well that I consider dogs to be "Prozac with fur". There is very little else on this planet as fine as our canine friends, in my opinion, which is why I am so happy when I come across a person who actually dedicates their life to the welfare of dogs. One such person is Adi Olivier who founded Funda Nenja in July 2009 with the vision of developing greater respect and compassion for all living things by promoting the bond between children and dogs, using the discipline of dog training. Her initiative has been running successfully in the Mpophomeni Township outside Howick ever since, where hundreds of marginalised township dogs have had their lives changed, as have their owners, through their weekly training sessions together. I can barely attend these sessions, because every time I do I am overcome by the sheer beauty of the loving bonds which I witness between the most unlikely of all South Africa's living souls, and have to wander off into the veld to dry my eyes. Adi you, with the help of your wonderful team, have reached deep into one of the many wounds on this sometimes cruel planet, and from sadness, pain, hunger and misery you have sown hope, comfort, warmth and love for what I consider to be the finest creatures on Earth. Not many people can claim to have done anything like that, so in my book you are a Saint. And certainly a very worthy winner of my special Christmas award of Mamba of the Month. Bless you, bless you, and bless you again!

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